Seminole Trail Project 10K Exercise to Feed a Child 4/18/15

Seminole Trail Project 10K Exercise to Feed a Child 4/18/15

This was a fun fun and nice trail! I did it with the tire this time 😀 wasn’t running for time, just a fun run since I have a timed run tommorow, Averaged 9:56 pace for the 6 miles.





Dare to go Bare 5k 4/19/15

Dare to go Bare 5k 4/19/15

Took 1st AG 3rd Overall and got the Gold in the Lake Como Dare to go Bare 5k! I got my fastest PR to date and finally broke the 6 min mile barrier for the first mile. First mile was 6:37, 2nd 7:03 then 7:20, Finished in 22:15 for the 5k! I guess no clothes does help you go faster

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Warrior Dash 1/31/2015

Warrior Dash 1/31/2015

Did my first obstacle race 3.1 miles and came in the first in my wave with a time of 35 mins, I had a TON of fun and learned alot with this being the first one. I am really looking forward to the next OCR race!





Masters of all Terrain 1/24/15

Masters of all Terrain on January 24th
Hal Scott Nature Preserve Half Marathon
Run in the Wild Race #1

This was a GREAT course, I was ready to give this a win, was in front and going steady and good, then everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used a new Camelback that I had not tested yet running and really should have, first 100 feet, the camelback busted open leaking 2 liters of electrolyte orange water filling my pack soaking everything then leaking down my butt, had to stop several times to fix it and ended dumping what was left, then my knee started going, I had to limp the last 8 or so miles but I did manage to finish in 76th place with a time of 2:53:24.313, really depressed me because I placed 1st in age last race with 2:05 and to be able to limp it in 2:53 I really could have placed this race.


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BattleFrog V5K Part 2

Battlefrog V5k on January 18th

Day #2 I did good time considering I was carrying a car tire thru downtown Orlando the entire 5K run! I finished in 29:16



BattleFrog V5K

Battlefrog V5k on January 17th

This was a Virtual Race that you run on your own I missed the group so I ran it myself with a time of 27:30, There was a parade going on at the same time and all the roads were closed so I arrived 30mins late but still ran it, The will be another one tommorow so hopefully I will be able to run as a group at that one.



Masters of all Terrain 12/6/2014


Dec 6th – Masters of All Terrain ULTRAMARATHON 50/50/26/13/5
Mt. Dora

I was nervous about this one, first Half-Marathon, and its off road as well!, Well first thing its started raining so there is mud everywhere, first corner I come to after starting is sloshing thru a huge swampy puddle! now im running 13 miles in soaking wet shoes. Well it went pretty good, after the 7-9 miles I hit the dream zone until mile 12, ran straight thru without stopping at all, carried a bottle of water the entire way, drank about half, mostly a face full instead of actually drinking it, was in the first couple places until the last mile, just started slowing down, was really far ahead but that last 1/2 miles 3 people past me, but I ran it in 2:05:07.176! I came in 5th overall and 2nd in my age group, With the 3 that past me in the last few seconds I would have been 2nd place, need to work on keeping an energy reserve for next time.






Free to Breathe 5k 11/5/2014

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Orlando Free to Breathe Run/Walk
November 15, 2014 | Moss Park
This was my second 5k race, Really pushed on this one because I was running it for my mother who recently passed from Lung cancer 2 months before. I came in 4th place overall and 1st Place in my age group with a time of 24:13.3!




Hunter Vision 5k 7/4/2014


First 5k, wasn’t sure I would make it thru, It was actually really easy, was out of breath at the end but I came in with a time of 28:00!

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