Masters of all Terrain 1/24/15


Masters of all Terrain on January 24th
Hal Scott Nature Preserve Half Marathon
Run in the Wild Race #1

This was a GREAT course, I was ready to give this a win, was in front and going steady and good, then everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used a new Camelback that I had not tested yet running and really should have, first 100 feet, the camelback busted open leaking 2 liters of electrolyte orange water filling my pack soaking everything then leaking down my butt, had to stop several times to fix it and ended dumping what was left, then my knee started going, I had to limp the last 8 or so miles but I did manage to finish in 76th place with a time of 2:53:24.313, really depressed me because I placed 1st in age last race with 2:05 and to be able to limp it in 2:53 I really could have placed this race.
IMG_20150517_192946 IMG_20150517_192940 Mastersofallterrainhalf2bib82


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