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Masters of all Terrain Marathon – 5/2/2015

May 2nd – Masters of all Terrain Marathon Seminole State Forest, Florida 5/2/2015


Masters of all Terrain 1/24/15

Masters of all Terrain on January 24th Hal Scott Nature Preserve Half Marathon Run in the Wild Race #1 This was a GREAT course, I was ready to give this a win, was in front and going steady and good, then everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I used a new Camelback that […]


Masters of all Terrain 12/6/2014

Dec 6th – Masters of All Terrain ULTRAMARATHON 50/50/26/13/5 Mt. Dora 12/6/2014 I was nervous about this one, first Half-Marathon, and its off road as well!, Well first thing its started raining so there is mud everywhere, first corner I come to after starting is sloshing thru a huge swampy puddle! now im running 13 […]

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